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"Our goal is to deliver Metal-items to the lowest prices in Sweden to metalheads all around the world with the help of our expertis to bring the best metal experience possible."

Sound of Records was founded in February 2013 in Umeå with the focus on delivering Metal-items all around the world to low prices. Big focus lay on our more extreme Metal-LPs, but the assortment also include a big variation of sub-genres within Metal. In the assortment also exists different Metal-clothing and accessories to vinyl records.

In addition to our webshop, we also sell at different events, such as the eminent festival House of Metal

We are looking for:
  • Sound of Records are a new webshop and we are still looking for products, so if you're a band or a supplier, please contact us through our form to get us your current deals.
  • We are currently looking to exchange banner links, so if you have a website with some vistors, don't hesitate to contact us through our form.

 We have:

  • VAT number 
  • F-tax
  • Organisation number
Are you in need of any of these, please contact us through our form.